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Along with the basic needs of food, cloth, and house, people also need a life partner who can give meaning to their life as well as carry forward their dynasty. A person needs a partner and it has been since the origin of humanity. In the earlier time, the method of finding a partner would be different but the purpose was almost similar to the present time that is making love and contribute each at every aspect of life. In early times, people were the medium to make a pair but there days with the evolution of the Internet, that role of match-maker is played by online dating sites. Numerous dating sites exist these days, Plenty of Fish, Bumble to name a few. Apart from, is also one of the leading names in this realm. Even, it is an older site as compared to other dating website and it was initiated even when large chunks of people were not aware of World Wide Web (www) and this phase was the initial age of the internet.

In its beginning, the site doesn’t attain a good number of visitors but as time passes, the site kept on managing its work ethics and quality. Due to these characteristics, slowly but steadily this site has started attaining a good number of users and the number is increasing day b day. Through this website, many people has found their soulmates and living a happy love life.

By taking a subscription at, you can able to find the best matching profile as per your choice and interest. One can take a free subscription at this site but it has some limitations in which you don’t have permission to access the premium profiles. To access premium profiles, you will have to take a premium subscription at This subscription allows you to access all the profiles as per your requirements and interest. By finding the best matching profile, you will need to start talking to the person for knowing and understanding the person.


In general, the overall performance and user-interface are excellent but sometimes, due to users’ overload, the website causes some problems to the users. Due to this, sometimes, the users are not able to access their profile; in other words, they face login problem. If you are in such kind of condition then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open site by typing in the URL bar of your browser. 
  • Enter your user name and password.  
  • Click on the sign-in button to access your account.
  • If it’s showing the wrong details/information then on the below, you will see, ‘Forgot Password or Username’. Click on that button.
  • After submitting, you will see ‘Enter your registered Email address’. 
  • By entering your registered email address, you will see a message showing ‘ Password reset link has been sent to your email address’. 

Now, go to your email inbox and check for mail from This email consists of the link given for password reset. Click on the link and follow the instruction given. By following the information properly, you will be able to reset your password and hence login to your account easily.

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