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How Do I Cancel Match.Com Membership


In this world, along with a big house and motor vehicle, finding a better person; with whom you can plan to go on dating; is also very important. In earlier time when Internet was not in the existence, many private agencies help you to find a better person for dating and other chitchatting. Nowadays, with the increase or rise of the Internet facilities, these services have also gone online, but you would be only aware of some of the dating sites like Plenty of Fish and Bumble, etc. But it’s not true and many other giants are also ahead in the competition such as This website was started when people were not even aware of World Wide Web (WWW) and internet was a tool for computer science students who work for DoD.

Almost every visitor at comes here at this website for finding their soulmate and life partner. The site was initiated with an aim to cater to the people’s soulmate needs not finding a person to go out with tonight. Due to this characteristic, we helped many people to find their soulmate successfully.

In this process, the site features only the profile of a person after verifying him/her on ground level. As a result, has established itself as the most reliable, trustworthy site committed to help creating a long term match. This site has met many ups and down including critisism, appreciation both. But it kept on struggling in this sector but with time this site has met many phase of evolution that, why, it is known as one of the classy site for dating.


When you take the subscription of, you would be able to surf this site easily along with utilizing all the functionality. But after some time, you will notice that you are not able to use the website smoothly and several issues can pop-up. At the time, you will feel like cancelling your subscription and get your money refunded. If you are among the people who are considering about cancelling their subscription; let us tell you the process of cancelling your profile. These procedures go as:

  • Browse website and log in to your account.
  • Access your profile and select the icon of gear for settings.
  • Afterward, select ‘Manage/Cancel Membership’.
  • Until your account cancellation follow all the tips carefully.

If your cancellation process is successful, you will see a message showing ‘Your automatic renewal of subscription has been cancelled successfully.

This is how, you can cancel membership at easily. Some numerous ways are also there that can facilitate you with cancelling your subscription. But after following the above-mentioned process, you are not able to cancel your subscription then you can browse the internet for finding out best method to cancel your subscription from

If you are still not able to find out the best way to cancel your profile then you take the help of customer support team of Taking contact number or email address from profile, contact customer support team.

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